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Unpacking HelloFresh: A Gen X Mum's Personal Experience


By Lisa S.,
Culinary Chronicles Chief Editor

01/02/2024 - 2 Min

If your life's anything like mine, juggling work, kids, and preparing meals, it can get overwhelming. I've looked for various alternatives to ease my meal prep struggles and recently, I've turned my attention to HelloFresh. Though I had my doubts initially, the blend of simplicity, variety, and quality this service provides has caught my eye.

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The biggest thing that stood out to me about HelloFresh was the amount of control I have. They've updated their app with a neat “meal preferences” feature, allowing me to build a meal plan that suits my family's taste. They offer collections of carefully curated recipes that I can sort through for additional inspiration. I can even customise my meals further, like adding extra protein or choosing a premium cut of meat. With a menu of 33+ recipes available each week, HelloFresh won't have exactly what you're craving every time, but that's okay because there are so many other great choices on the menu.

Adding Personal Touch to Meals

A Little Adventure in Every Meal

The range of new recipes that HelloFresh provides each week is honestly refreshing. Being able to cook up different cuisines and dishes is like a mini culinary adventure, right from my kitchen. That said, there are days when the kids aren't too excited about the more 'exotic' recipes. But that is alright, because HelloFresh also offers loads of Aussie classics and Kid-Friendly recipes that the little ones always love.

Why HelloFresh Might Just Be Worth It

So yes, HelloFresh comes with a price tag, but when I weigh it against the convenience, the variety of meals, and the quality of ingredients, I feel it's a fair deal. Plus, the hours I save on grocery shopping and meal planning? Priceless.


If you've left HelloFresh in the past or are considering a meal kit delivery service, now is a good time to check them out again. They're offering up to $200 off across your first six boxes for new customers, which softens the initial investment.


So, there you have it, my candid thoughts on HelloFresh. It might not be perfect, but it's brought joy and variety back to my kitchen. And that makes it worth it for me. Give it a go by clicking here and see if it lightens your load too. Happy cooking!

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